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A comfortable, functional environment.

Our job is to turn empty space into functional space. We transform spaces outside and inside, in homes, studios and shops. We want to understand how you want to use your space.  What do you wish you could change, but don’t know if it’s even possible? We imagine how your space will be used, wear, change and grow over time.  

We listen and return with solutions.

The diginification of humble building materials.

There is something inherently sincere about untreated materials, in fact, the word Sincere is rooted in this very notion, translating to “without wax”, from a time when sculptors would fill voids and mistakes in their carved stone with wax. 

Our methodology highlights structure, materials and components, showcasing the intrinsic beauty and quality of raw materials over the use of layered finishes or decorative features.

We like finish work, but avoid finishes.

Efficiency and humor.

Building a truly functional space is complicated, but we like to make it look simple. We accomplish this with thoughtful modularity, simple, clever construction and integrated features. Efficiency requires some planning, but results in ease, reliability and savings.

If we compromise efficiency, it’s in the name of humor. Efficiency is nothing if you can’t smile.